Medicare Cost Report Preparation

The foundation of TFG Consulting, LLC is based upon accurate preparation of Medicare Cost RepoƏrts. The difference in a cost report prepared by a firm that has a full understanding of reimbursement principles and payment methodologies and one that does not have this expertise can result in significantly reduced reimbursement/payment or unintended violations of Medicare/Medicaid rules and regulations. We take pride in thorough, accurate, and timely report preparation.

The cost report directly impacts Medicare and Medicaid payment for some providers such as Critical Access Hospitals. For other providers, provider specific regulatory provisions significantly improve payment if the cost report is properly prepared. We look forward to explaining how your unique situation is impacted by your cost report.

We currently prepare cost reports for the following provider types:

  • Acute Care Hospital ("ACH") – CMS 2552-10
  • Critical Access Hospital ("CAH") – CMS 2552-10
  • Long Term Care Hospital ("LTCH") – CMS 2552-10
  • Inpatient Psychiatric Facility ("IPF") – CMS 2552-10
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility ("IRF") – CMS 2552-10
  • Skilled Nursing Facility ("SNF") – CMS 2540-10
  • Home Health Agency ("HHA") – Freestanding and Hospital Based
  • Hospice – CMS 1984-99
  • Rural Health Clinic ("RHC")
  • Home Office – CMS 287