Medicare Cost Report Preparation

The foundation of TFG Consulting, LLC is based upon accurate preparation of Medicare Cost Reports. The difference in a cost report prepared by a firm that has a full understanding of reimbursement principles and payment... CONTINUE READING.

Medicaid Cost Report Preparation

Proper Medicaid Cost Report preparation is essential to provider reimbursement and payment. Every state has payment systems specific to that state and provider types and state specific cost reporting forms. In conjunction with... CONTINUE READING.

Comprehensive Billing Services

Our approach to Healthcare Billing and Collections is simple. We will meet with you and modify our forms in a manner that is easy for your staff to complete, so that we have the data necessary to submit your claims and follow up. We then... CONTINUE READING.

Audit Adjustment and Dispute Resolution

Audit adjustment and dispute resolution begins with proper report preparation. We begin our cost reports by reviewing prior year adjustments and identifying areas that we may agree upon so that we can incorporate those items if... CONTINUE READING.

Enrollment and Licensure

Our consultants can assist with all aspects of enrollment and licensure from filing the initial 855 to enrollment with your intermediary/MAC as well as establishment of new sub-providers and Long Term Care Hospital Designation. We can also assist with Changes of Ownership and Changes of Information.

Financial Management

In the past, TFG Consulting has had financial management contracts for several Rehab and LTCH hospitals where we were responsible for the entire accounting system including budgeting, billing, accounts payable, payroll, financial reporting and cost report preparation.

Medicare Bad Debt

The proper documentation of bad debts in accordance with HIM 15 directly impacts your cost report settlement and bottom line! We can also protect cash flow by requesting interim payment of bad debt. TFG has helped... CONTINUE READING.

Square Footage Studies

A significant amount of overhead costs are allocated using the square footage statistic. The payment impact of an accurate square footage statistic is often overlooked. While the statistic has a greater impact on any cost based provider or... CONTINUE READING.

EHR Incentive

The ARRA 2009 included $27 Billion in payments over 10 years to implement adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHR)!... CONTINUE READING.

DSH Audit Survey

Congress and CMS require states that receive DSH funding to audit their programs. Each state has contracted an audit contractor. Myers and Stauffer has been engaged by 19 state Medicaid programs. Currently FY 2009 is being audited. CONTINUE READING.

Due Diligence - Third Party Reimbursement/Payment

TFG has the technical expertise to assist with making crucial decisions prior to the acquisition of another provider. We can review all NPR's and open cost reports to ensure... CONTINUE READING.

Outlier Reconciliation Dispute

Medicare Low Volume Payment Adjustment Request

Extended Repayment Plan

Medicaid Enhanced Staffing Reports

Capital Re-Age Requests

There are so many moving parts in the Healthcare business and our affiliation with TFG Consulting over the past several years has been an intergral component to the success of our company.—Don Cameron, Chief Operating Officer, Allegiance Health Management

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